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See Your Decor Ideas Come to Life

Have you ever bought a sofa online only to find that it doesn't fit in your living room? Gallelia is here to solve that!

Our state of the art technology bridges the gap between online retailing and the ability to visualize product in the real world, essentially eliminating the guessing work out of online furniture shopping. Re-create your living space online in minutes, right from your browser. No software or plugin necessary! Place and arrange exact 3D models of furnishing products to get a true sense of how the items will fit and appear in your home.


Be a Part of the Future of the Home Furnishing Industry

Gallelia introduces a new and innovative solution for promoting and selling home furnishing products. With our state of the art 3D online home staging tool, consumers can easily replicate their own living space online, right from their browser. They can quickly build walls, add windows and doors, "walk" around their virtual home, and immerse themselves within it.

Items in our catalogue are carefully selected from well-established brands to boutique manufacturers and curated for the highest quality. We build accurate 3D replicas of each product with high attention to colour, texture, and details. Consumers can then place these furniture models inside their virtual home, getting a true sense of how the items will fit and appear inside their own living space.

Developed by Picture this Today, the leading real time 3D solution developer, Gallelia is going to change the way consumers browse and purchase furniture online. Join us and be a part of the future of the home furnishing industry!


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